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" We go to war based on less evidence than prosecutors are demanding before charging Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown. "

I love my skin!

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Libertarians and Randroids learning the harsh consequences of their own dogma will always be funny. It does make me wonder if there is a stratum of con artists targeting them, having factored in that people who are distrustful of the state and unlikely to go to the police make brilliant marks.

Between this, the Republic of Minerva, and Freedom Ship, you would think that Libertarians would eventually catch on every purported Libertarian Utopia microstate is some sort of obvious scam, but I’ve noticed that most Libertarians are not very introspective. The guy selling lots could literally be wearing a pinstriped suit and a straw boater and be named “Slick Smitty from the Big City” and they wouldn’t catch on that it’s a colossal ruse.

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Doctor Confesses To Misdiagnosing Cancer, Giving Patients Unneeded Chemo To Make Money

Photo credit: WXYZ

Photo credit: WXYZ

People in law enforcement and health care are individuals that we put our trust in to keep us safe and healthy. We trust that they have our best interest…

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Burlington, Vt., just became the first city to go completely renewable 

With electricity prices rising across the country at the fastest pace in years, the city of Burlington, Vt., looks well-prepared for the future.

On Monday, the largest city in Vermont announced that it now has 100% renewable energy — from biomass, wind, hydro — to meet the needs of its 42,000 residents.

It actually makes economic sense

wow… now if the rest of the world could follow maybe humanity won’t kill itself 

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